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    Fescue Sod

    Fescue sod is a very attractive choice that can be useful for controlling erosion as well. Consider this as one of your best options when it comes to yard sod.

    In Bloom Trees Shading Backyard MariettaFescue sod
    Retains rich color year-round
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    Residential Fescue Sod

    Choosing fescue sod for your lawn at home might be the perfect choice for you. It will stay green for you all year long. It does very well with cool weather but can also survive the heat around here with sufficient watering. We find that it is also very tolerant of shade, so if you have a lot of trees around your home, you might want to choose this type of grass. Spring or fall fertilizing works very well with this type of grass sod, but you will want to avoid fertilizing in the summer. When we say it is green all year long, we mean it. It is one of the most attractive choices you can make for your home lawn. Call our office today to discuss the pros and cons of this excellent option for your specific needs.

    We have long standing deals with the best sod farms in the region. You can be sure that you are getting a strong, healthy product. There are several varieties of fescue sod, and we can walk you through the choices. Tall fescue and fine fescue are the two main types, and fine fescue has three subtypes as well. The choice depends on how much traffic you expect on your grass, whether or not you are going to feed livestock, and your ability to water. We will help you with the right choice, as different varieties are suited for different uses. We recommend this particular type of sod is laid in the spring or fall for maximum growth. We are ready to help you with your choice, so call us when you are ready for a beautiful new lawn.

    Putting Green With FlagFescue Sod Uses
    This particular grass is great for lawns, but there are many other applications as well. Fescue sod is often used on erosion control sites, and you will find it on sports fields and in parks as well. Golf courses also often use this type of grass. We get the highest quality from our partner sod farms, whether we are laying it at a home or on a sports field. If you have a football team of 50 or a smaller at-home team of three or four, you will appreciate this grass’s ability to stand up to medium to heavy wear. Check with our experienced reps to see what we can do for your lawn.

    The slightly bluish tint to fescue sod is very pretty and will make your lawn look great, whether at home or the office. It is generally considered a cool-season grass, but it can survive around here, unlike other cool-season grasses. Make sure you consider this when you are looking at our many wonderful choices of grass sod.

    Resistant to cold and shade
    Free estimates available
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    We supply fescue sod in Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Sandy Springs, Marietta, and all nearby areas in Georgia.

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