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    What’s The Best Atlanta Sod For Your Yard?

    There is nothing more unattractive than a brown and patchy lawn in Atlanta. If you don’t have a shady spot in your yard, you will want to factor in choosing a sod type.

    How to choose the best Atlanta sod for your yard:

    Consider the climate. Not all sod types work in all climates. Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate with typically mild winters and very hot summers.

    What’s the best Atlanta Sod for your yard?Amount of sunlight. If you don’t have a shady spot in your yard, then you will want to factor this in when choosing a sod type. If your entire yard is shaded, you might need a different type of sod than if your yard was exposed to full sun all day.

    Foot traffic. This is a factor many homeowners neglect to consider. Do you have children and pets constantly running around your yard? If so, you will need a sod type that can stand up to high traffic. Bermuda grass is a great choice for high traffic areas because it is very sturdy and can self-repair.

    Water requirements. Rainfall amounts aside, water restrictions have increased over the years. Consider the amount of rain your Atlanta yard gets, as well as any potential water restrictions your area typically has before choosing a sod type.

    Yard layout. Consider your yard's layout; if you have multiple complex garden beds, keep that in mind when choosing a sod type. You want a sod that will grow slowly and not overpower your garden beds.

    Soil testing. You should also consider having your soil tested before laying new sod. Take a small sample of your soil to your County Extension Service office to determine the condition of your soil.

    Best types of sod for Atlanta yards

    Our climate does best with warm-season grasses because they thrive in the southeast's high summer temps. Here are a few sod types to consider for your Atlanta yard:

    Bermuda grass is probably the most common type of sod used in Atlanta, and for a good reason. It is sturdy, as well as being drought and cold tolerant. Bermuda grass isn’t a big fan of the shade, so keep that in mind if large portions of your yard are shaded.

    Zoysia grass has a gorgeous deep green color. Zoysia sod can handle high amounts of foot traffic, but it can be invasive. The four most common types of Zoysia grass are: Emerald, Meyer, Ja’mur, and Zeon. Consult a professional to determine which type of Zoysia would work best in your yard.

    Fescue sod is a great versatile sod option. Fescue can handle cool weather but also does very well with high temperatures if watered often. Fescue likes lots of shade, so keep that in mind when making your sod choice.

    Centipede sod is great because it is low maintenance. Centipede sod can also handle shade and high temperatures. It grows slower than some other types of grass, which means it will mix well with garden beds.

    If you just aren’t sure which type of Atlanta sod is right for your yard, call a professional sod company to get their advice and input. Consulting an expert will save you from making a mistake and choosing the wrong type of sod for your yard.

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