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    Tennessee Sod

    One of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve a perfect lawn is by laying sod. Sod is grass and a small chunk of soil beneath it held together by the root system (or biodegradable material). Sod is used to enhance a number of facilities, the most common of those being residential lawns, businesses, schools, sports stadiums, and golf courses.

    At A&N Sod Supply, Inc., we have the greatest quality Tennessee sod with extremely competitive prices. We tailor the brand of sod to the unique needs of the individual as well as the property and carry various types that specifically thrive in the Tennessee area.

    What to Consider

    Tennessee Sod

    Tennessee is located in what’s known as the transition zone, the climate where northern, warm-season grasses meet southern cool-season grasses. This means that both warm and cool-season grasses may work, depending on where you live and what you are looking for.

    Although this is recognized as one of the trickiest areas to grow grass in the United States, you can rest assured that our knowledgeable team can help you navigate what sod to use in order to achieve your desired results.

    A few of the most common varieties of sod that thrive in this region include:

    Fescues: The most popular type of grass in the Tennessee area, fine and turf-type fescues are known for their wide temperature range, provided they are watered regularly. In addition, fescues also have high drought tolerance and disease-resistant varieties to choose from.
    Bermudagrass: This type of grass thrives in warmer climates. Its durability and resilience make it especially common for home lawns, parks, golf courses, and sports fields.
    Zoysiagrass: This is a grass that excels during our warm months and is known to repel insects and weeds with its thick, dense sod. Different varieties of zoysia have greater tolerance to cooler or shady conditions.
    Centipedegrass: This type of sod is known for its low maintenance amongst homeowners. Its growth is slower than other grasses, requiring it to be mowed about every 7 to 10 days. Something to keep in mind, however, is that this type of grass does not handle heavy traffic as well as others.

    What You’ll Need

    Sod Suppliers Tennessee

    There are a few tools you might need to prepare for your sod delivery, such as:

    • A soil test kit
    • A garden hoe or tiller (potentially a power tiller for larger landscapes)
    • Starter fertilizer or topsoil
    • A lawn spreader
    • A knife/hand cutter
    • A lawn roller

    Tips and Tricks

    Prepare the area beforehand by testing your soil, clearing the area of all debris, and either tilling or applying topsoil.

    We also recommend watching our video on sod installation and maintenance to get a better understanding of the process. In the end, we know you’ll love how your grass looks!
    Whatever your reason may be, if you need sod, we can conveniently and punctually deliver it to you. We proudly serve the Tennessee area, including Nashville and Memphis. A lush, green lawn is merely a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today.

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