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    Sod: Making Atlanta Green

    Have you ever stopped to wonder what our beautiful city would look like without grass?

    I can promise you that it wouldn’t be anywhere near the amazing city it is today without the greenery.

    That’s why we love doing what we do - by providing sod to homes, business, schools and parks in the entire Atlanta metro, we are making our area more beautiful day in and day out.

    Here are a few of our favorite projects that have made a huge difference over the last few months:

    Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

    The Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School on 545 Hill Street SE was very important to us. Giving children a beautiful environment to go to every day, where they’ll learn and grow their imaginations that will one day fuel our future civilization is priceless.

    Next time you’re in Downtown Atlanta, keep an eye out for MLK Middle School - we think it’s one of the most gorgeous around right now with all that lush Bermuda grass!

    The school’s website shows these renderings as what the school board hoped the project would turn out like, and we’re proud to say we helped bring these green images to life for the next generation of Atlantans to enjoy.

    Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School Atlanta

    Atlanta Sod


    We took great pleasure in helping a local historical landmark recently reinvent its landscape. Our fescue sod was recently installed over at the Stonehedge property at 406 East Shadburn Ave, near Buford Middle School. We think you’ll agree that it adds a renewed beauty to the property.

    Here’s what Stonehedge looked like before our fescue was installed:


    And here are a few pictures during the sod installation:



    As you see, we had some assistance from the project helper:


    Here’s how beautiful the lawn and grounds at Stonehedge look now:




    We have a passion for providing the sod that keeps Atlanta green and beautiful. If you’re looking for an Atlanta sod company, you’ve come to the right site!

    With unparalleled knowledge, experience, and passion for what we do, not to mention our amazing prices, your new yard or grounds will look as amazing as you’ve always wanted it to.

    West Gwinnett Park Fields

    One major project we recently completed was providing sod for all of the soccer fields at West Gwinnett Park, off of Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

    West Gwinnett Park Fields AtlantaThis image of kids playing soccer at West Gwinnett Park’s fields, courtesy of, showcases one of the many reasons we love what we do.

    Can you imagine these kids playing soccer in the street?

    Neither can we!

    But thanks to this fresh and beautiful Bermuda grass sod that we provided for the city, residents throughout Atlanta can hit West Gwinnett Park after school or over the weekend to burn some energy, let off some steam, and learn valuable life lessons in sportsmanship and teamwork.

    EE Robinson Park

    EE Robinson Park off of Level Creek Road houses two baseball fields as well as a soccer field, as you can see in this aerial image from

    EE Robinson Park

    With a fresh round of our top-of-the-line Bermuda grass having just been installed over the past few months, it’s now ready for baseball players and soccer players of all ages to enjoy it for seasons to come!

    Dacula Park

    The layout of Dacula Park, as shown here courtesy of, is a sprawling wonderland of recreation for kids 0-99. With 76 acres making up this city park, there’s something for everyone, including football fields, softball fields, pools, playgrounds, pavilions, you name it!

    You’ll be glad to hear that Dacula Park on Dacula Road now has fresh sod on each and every soccer and baseball field in the entire complex. Now you, your children and their friends can have an even better time next time you go for an afternoon at the park!

    Dacula Park

    Having the honor of installing sod at Atlanta’s city parks means the world to us. With this lush Bermuda grass just waiting to be enjoyed - whether simply visually or through athletics - we hope you enjoy Dacula park just that much more!

    If you’ve got a space here in Atlanta that you’d like to make more green, just give us a call!

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