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    Sod Georgia

    Our Georgia sod Fresh Rolled Sod In Front Of House Mariettais distributed all over the state. We try our hardest to deliver all our orders on time and accurately to all of our customers. All of our offices are environmentally responsible; we hardly use any paper.

    We supply sod throughout Georgia, including:

    • Atlanta
    • Augusta
    • Columbus
    • Savannah
    • Athens
    • Macon
    • Roswell
    • Sandy Springs
    • Albany
    • Marietta

    Sod is a mat of roots, soil, and grass. It is laid in your yard in sheets that form a brick pattern. If you’re thinking about using grass seed, think about using sod instead. Some of the benefits to using sod are as follows:

    • Sod is more aesthetically pleasing - Our Georgia sod gives you a quick finish to your lawn or yard. Grass seed takes time to grow, but sod has immediate results. Grass can grow denser in some areas depending on how the seeds are laid, but sod is more consistent.
    • Seeds blow away - While grass seed may be less expensive, it tends to blow away and get eaten by birds. You might find that once your grass seed grows, there will be patches missing, due to the displacement or theft of your grass seeds. If this happens, you might have to spend more money to replace the areas where the grass hasn’t grown.
    • Where grass is planted, weeds will follow - When you plant grass seed, weeds tend to grow up too. Georgia sod does not contain weeds, and the dense network of roots underneath the sod makes it hard for weeds to get through.
    • Sod can be grown in a more flexible time frame - Since sod is grass that has already started growing, it can be laid down during a wider variety of months than grass seed. Grass seed can’t always grow properly, depending on the time of the year you decide to lay it.
    • Sod takes less time - Both sod and grass seed take some time and effort to put down and grow, but you can walk on sod before you can walk on grass grown with grass seed. This means the lawn you’ve worked so hard on will be ready to entertain guests or play on earlier.

    The instant look that sod gives a property is what makes it so popular. Our Georgia sod is competitively priced against other distributors. If you have any questions about any of the benefits of sod in Georgia, we can help you to answer those questions.

    One of the other benefits of using sod over grass seed is the easy maintenance. All that sod requires is a lot of water. For the first few weeks after your sod has been laid, you’ll have to water it very frequently and make sure no one is walking on the new Georgia sod. The best way to effectively water your sod is to purchase sprinklers and run them every day. If you have a smaller yard, you might choose to use a watering can or a garden hose. You can also let rain do the work for you, but you might want to monitor how much rainfall your sod is getting. If there isn’t enough water, your sod can begin to turn yellow and eventually will die. You can also fertilize your sod if you want it to grow faster, but you should also water it right after you spread the fertilizer. If you take a step on the sod and all of the grass springs back into place after you move your foot, then the sod is getting enough water.

    We sell our sod in Georgia to landscaping businesses and homeowners alike and offer the best quality Georgia sod. We can answer any questions you might have about laying sod in Georgia and our sod deliveries and distributions.

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