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    Sod Farms in Georgia

    When looking for a sod farm in Georgia, you want to make sure that that the product you purchase is healthy and will look great in your yard. We will make sure that your grass is cultivated, prepared and installed in the correct way, to encourage longevity and long term beauty for your property. Whether you need product for your lawn or garden, we will provide durable turf at a price you can afford.

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    There are many benefits to choosing sod over other options like grass seed. We provide grass for homeowners, commercial business owners, universities, local municipalities and many more types of clients. There are many reasons to decide to go with a sod installation as opposed to the other choices available:

    • Uniformity
    • Efficiency
    • Affordability

    When you choose from a sod farm in Georgia, you will have the option of quickly restoring or finishing your lawn, garden or property. If you choose to use grass seed, it can take months for your yard to grow to the point where looks finished and uniform. Seeds can be moved around by rain, winds or other weather phenomenon. They can also be carried away by rodents, pests or birds. The grass will then grow in irregular patterns, and this can cause your grass to come in sparsely, or in uneven areas, giving the property an unkempt and unattractive look. Since sod already has roots and dirt in each unit, the bricks are laid right next to each other, giving the area a clean, finished and attractive aesthetic.

    By using turf from a sod farm in Georgia, you can also be assured of quick and easy delivery. Since you won't be receiving a product from another state, you do not have to worry about extensive shipping times. Your grass will also stay hydrated, as it will not be spend days in transit with no access to water. Your product will be cut from the farm the day it is to be shipped or installed, so you do not need to worry about deterioration or the turf starting to dry out. You can also order bricks of different sizes, to make it easy to plant both small areas and more expansive properties. You can even order in different shapes to accommodate irregular shaped areas and gardens. This ability to customize makes your installation go smoothly and seamlessly.

    Utilizing a sod farm in Georgia will also allow you to make sure that you are not spending more money than you need to. As mentioned before, if you spend the money on another option such as grass seed, you can end up spending more money in the long. If the seeds are scattered, you may experience the uneven growth. But on top of that - if the seeds do not take, you will have to spend money on new seed and deal with the hassle of trying to get them to germinate properly. When you order through our company, you can take advantage of our affordable prices, while at the same time not compromising quality. It is easy to order through our company, you just call or reserve your sod online and it will be delivered in short order, to your prepared receiving site.

    Call now at 404-867-8501 for grass from a sod farm in Georgia
    Remember, we offer free estimates!

    Our sod farm in Georgia supplies sod to homeowners in Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Sandy Springs, Marietta and all nearby areas.

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