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    Sod Chattanooga

    Chattanooga sod may be used for many different reasons. Landscapers can use sod for many different projects. The average person might choose to use sod for different purposes as well. We distribute our sod to both. Sod, or turf, is grass and soil that are held together in a mat of roots. Some of the reasons to purchase sod in Chattanooga are:Image Of Stacked Sod Rolled Marietta

    • Landscaping new property - If you’ve just built or purchased a newly built home, sod is a quick way to compliment the nice look of your house. If you use grass seed, your new home will be surrounded by dirt for at least a couple of weeks. If you want a nice look for your property in Chattanooga, sod can give you the look of plush grass immediately.
    • Repairing damage - If you have dead patches in your yard, Chattanooga sod can be used to replace the dead grass. Dead patches can be caused by yard furniture or an above-ground pool that has been removed from your yard.
    • Covering existing dirt - If you have a spot in your yard where a patio or a garden used to be, you can put down sod to fill in the spaces.

    For whatever reason, if you need sod in Chattanooga, we can punctually deliver it to you. We have the greatest quality Chattanooga sod, with extremely competitive prices.

    There are many different tools and options you have for laying sod. We have a video on how to lay sod on our website, but there are a few other tools and tips you can also use. In addition to the instructions in the video, you can also use the following tools while laying sod:

    • Wheelbarrow- If you have a lot of sod to lay over a large area, you might want to use a wheelbarrow to move it all around your yard.
    • A small rake- If you tilled the soil or laid topsoil before you began your sod laying project, you may need a small rake to make sure all of the soil is still even. The rake is just used for touch ups, in case you kick up some topsoil or displace it with a mat of sod.
    • Sod cutter- Most people aren't really familiar with sod cutters unless they have laid sod before. You can use a knife just as well as a sod cutter, but some people prefer to use the sod cutter to trim any excess or shapely edges of the Chattanooga sod.

    There are two main types of sod cutters:

    • Power sod cutter- A power sod cutter looks like a typical lawn machine. They come in all different shapes and sizes. They also have different widths, such as 12 or 18 inches. This would be the ideal sod cutter if you have a lot of land.Image Of Shovel In The Yard
    • Manual sod cutter- A manual sod cutter somewhat resembles a serrated shovel or one of those old fashioned manual push lawn mowers. These also come in all different sizes. To use them, you step on them just like you would step on a shovel to dig it into the dirt. Once you hear the roots break, you know you’re cutting through your sod.

    As mentioned before, it isn’t necessary to use a sod cutter, but they can be helpful. We don’t just distribute sod in Chattanooga, but we sell to the entire state of Georgia. If you have any questions about purchasing sod, we can help you out. Our business also prides itself on being earth friendly. We implement green practices in our offices that reduce waste. No matter how much or how little sod you need, we have the sod to distribute to you.

    We supply sod throughout Georgia, including:

    • Atlanta
    • Augusta
    • Columbus
    • Savannah
    • Athens
    • Macon
    • Roswell
    • Sandy Springs
    • Albany
    • Marietta
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