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    Roswell GA Zoysia Sod

    Roswell GA Zoysia sod has become more and more popular in recent years as our neighbors have branched out into alternative directions for warm weather, sun-loving sod. Whereas grasses with similar characteristics have been established for multiple centuries, zoysia landed on our shores merely one century ago. Folks have taken notice of this grass’s following beneficial characteristics, including:Image Of Lush Green Grass Marietta

    • Beautiful dark green color
    • Resilience to salty conditions
    • Resilience to sandy conditions
    • Excels in warm weather
    • Some varieties handle shade well
    • Some varieties handles cool weather well
    • Thick and rugged

    Roswell GA Zoysia sod is a
    wonderful addition upon our landscape.
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    Since 1999, we have been educating property owners throughout the community about the grass that best fits a multitude of properties, including Roswell GA Zoysia sod. Though this grass may share similarities with other popular varieties here in the South, what makes it unique are varieties that provide resilience to certain conditions that you may not get with other warm weather grasses. These differences are what lay behind this turf’s growing popularity.

    Though Roswell GA Zoysia sod is dense, rugged and is liable to thatch when over-fertilized (a problem Bermuda grass, for example, may have) this turf stands its ground in ways others cannot. For one, a thriving lawn of zoysia requires much less fertilizer than other island-based grasses. This is also a slower-growing and slower-germinating grass, which makes it much less invasive. If you have property near a beach environment, then this is the turf for you because it grows well in salty and sandy conditions.

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    Roswell GA Zoysia sod is a multitasking advantage.

    Like most forms of grass we carry, zoysia has a sub-varieties yielding pluses and minuses according to your properties conditions. The Emerald kind has a beautiful deep green color that is accentuated under shady areas, which is where you may consider this form since it has greater shade tolerance. Conversely, the Meyer incarnation has less resilience toward shade but has greater tolerance to cooler weather. One thing to remember about the general favorability of Roswell GA Zoysia sod, however, is that it is a generally equatorial plant that will do well under warm circumstances and is cared for in a reasonable manner. We are happy to further discuss your options.

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