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    Roswell GA Bermuda Sod

    Roswell GA Bermuda sod is something you will probably have to check out at some point throughout the life of your property. It all depends on the nature of your lawn, how long you plan to own it and what you hope to achieve. So, whether you have a residential, commercial or public land to care for, this strain of sod can provide reliable and easily attained greenery for the majority of the year while maintaining structure under heavy volumes of foot traffic. To top it all off, this sod resists bugs and weeds. If this kind of grass seems to suit you, then we are the company to supply this world-class grass.

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    Beautiful Park Outside With Clouds MariettaAlthough you may not think about it very much (don’t worry, we are sod professionals so it’s our job) there are several phases behind Roswell GA Bermuda sod. If you are looking for a completely new lawn, there are measures you may take before your new grass is received on your property. Make sure there is no remaining debris on your soil before we lay our beautifully farm-raised grass down on your property. Material such as strewn leaves or patches of the old lawn will get in the way of your new lawn’s success, working to prohibit the soil’s vital nutrients from transferring into the grass’s roots.

    Next, you may want to have your soil tested with the county to make sure all is well. In some cases, the conditions of soil are very acidic. Assuming all is well, as is usually the case for new Roswell GA Bermuda sod, you may lay some new soil and fertilizer on your property before our soil arrives, which is precisely when you ask for us to deliver it. It is best to have new soil installed during the spring, just when this form of grass is set to thrive.

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    Aerating your soil is the process of opening up space in your Roswell GA Bermuda sod to let the material breathe and allow for greater access for hydration and nutrients. After all, this is among the densest of all sods. It is an enviable feature for a grass that is so well suited for our Georgia properties.

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