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    Memphis Sod

    There are many reasons why sod is the preferred method for lawns in many locations, including in the Memphis area. Installing sod has been proven to give you the instant beauty of a full and natural grass lawn without the time and hassle of grass seedlings.

    Memphis Sod

    Even further, sod can provide many other immediate benefits, such as:

    • Enhancing your property aesthetically
    • Increasing the property value
    • Controlling soil erosion
    • Absorbing noise and decreasing noise pollution
    • Cleaning and cooling the surrounding air
    • Generating oxygen and reducing dust

    Preparing for our Sod

    By following these steps and trusting A&N for your sodding needs, you too can achieve beautiful grass.

    1. Measure: First, take careful measurements of your lawn to determine how much sod you will need. Our sod comes in a large square or rectangular patches that are rolled up. It is necessary to measure and cut the sod systematically to ensure the sod fits seamlessly together, avoiding a sloppy, inefficient result.
    2. Prepare the Soil: To prepare the soil for the sod, it may be necessary to first test your soil to see what nutrients are lacking. You can do this yourself by purchasing a DIY kit from your local garden center supply store, or you can instill help. Next, remove debris, including rocks and sticks, and till the soil with a garden hoe. If it is a large amount of land, you may want to consider utilizing a power tiller. Finally, apply fertilizer to prepare the sod for installation. If you do not want to bother tilling your soil, you can apply a layer of topsoil instead.
    3. Sod Suppliers Memphis

    4. Install the Sod: Stagger the pieces of sod like bricks, layering them so that they intertwine seamlessly, without overlapping or gapping. Then, use a sharp knife or cutting tool to fit the sod in corners and obstacles, such as flower beds. Finally, use a lawn roller to guarantee the pieces of sod are installed snuggly and knit together. It is crucial to water the sod daily for the first week in order to allow roots to develop.
    5. Maintain Your Grass: After you install the sod, you should stay off of it for at least 2 weeks, then minimally for 1 to 2 more weeks after that. Wait until it reaches 5 inches tall before mowing it for the first time, and keep the grass length at 2-3 inches after that. It is also important that the sod receives enough moisture. A good rule of thumb to tell if your grass is thoroughly hydrated is simply to walk on it. If the grass springs back, it is sufficiently hydrated. If it does not, and your footprint remains, it needs more water.

    We sell our sod in the Memphis area to landscaping businesses and homeowners alike and offer the best quality sod in the region. We are also happy to answer any questions you might have about laying sod in the Memphis area, as well as our sod deliveries and distributions.

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