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    Marietta GA Fescue Sod

    Marietta GA Fescue sod is one of our many highly regarded turfs because of the unique factors that are in its makeup. In fact, you can rest assure that all of our grasses are of the highest quality as we work with only the greatest local farms in the country. So whether you are deciding upon a sod that responds well to warm and sunny conditions, or you are thinking of the many benefits of this cold season grass, you know you are getting an optimal value.

    Marietta GA Fescue sod is a smart
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    Image Of Beautiful House Wiyh Shade MariettaWe start with the best customer service in the industry, we continue with absolute care in transporting your future lawn, and the result is Marietta GA Fescue sod that will impress you and your family with year-round greenery. But that is not the only feature that so many of our past clients have enjoyed as we have been servicing the area since 1999. Our sod includes blends with other features you may greatly appreciate, including:

    • Drought resistance - We see quite a variety of weather in North Georgia: freezing temperatures, heat and even the wayward tropical storm. But we also experience long dry spells. Not only is Marietta GA Fescue sod resilient against extreme cold, it can also take the challenge of drought.
    • Shade tolerance - As we are broadly recognized as a warm region, much of our properties are carpeted with sun-loving grass, but this does not take into account tracts of land rich with canopy cover. If you enjoy abundant shade from trees as well as green grass, this may be your kind of sod.
    • Helps with soil erosion - This grass features a rapid rate of germination, which helps tremendously with areas of any property with soil erosion. In fact, tall fescue was used to aid in solving the problem of the famous Dust Bowl in the early 1930s.

    There are other qualities for which property owners have given the nod to Marietta GA Fescue sod, such as its special blue-green color, specific textural qualities from different blends and some blends are also tolerant of salt water. We can help you find the right fescue.

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