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    Marietta GA Bermuda Sod

    Marietta GA Bermuda sod will serve your property reliably well regardless of any additional measures you take to maximize success on your property. After all, there is a reason why this form of sod is a popular choice among so many of your neighbors. Like most things, however, the more you tend to this grass the better return you are sure to reap.

    Marietta GA Bermuda sod provides
    you with the turf that is thoroughly reliable.
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    • Tip #1 - Consider your property’s needs. Marietta GA Bermuda sod could very likely be the selection for you if your land regularly features direct sunlight. Putting Green With Pond MariettaThere are several blends of Bermuda grass as well as other sods that may suit your needs.
    • Tip #2 - If there are doubts surrounding the quality of your soil, you may have an analysis done on it as a service from the county. Grass may not be the problem on your property; it may be the soil that is challenging growth.
    • Tip #3 - Before we come out to lay the highest quality of Marietta GA Bermuda sod down on your soil, make sure to clear the area of any debris that may hinder the sod from establishing on your property. Patches of an old lawn, areas of spread out leaves and other such obstacles should be cleared away before we lay your new turf.
    • Tip #4 - We strongly encourage you to take advantage of your new sod for the right time of the year, given you choice. For a sod such as a fescue, for example, the best time to lay the turf will be the autumn because it is a cool weather grass. However, Marietta GA Bermuda sod is the opposite as a warm weather grass, so the very best time to implement it on your property would be spring.
    • Tip #5 - Bermuda grass may not always need to be watered and fertilized, but such encouragements of growth will only help it to flourish.
    • Tip #6 - To aerate your grass, which is a process of plugging holes in the turf, allows for your lawn to breathe, which allows for improved transference of water and nutrients. Bermuda grass is a hearty and thick grass, and this process helps it to continue flourishing.

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