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    Lawrenceville GA Bermuda Sod

    Lawrenceville GA Bermuda sod is only one form of grass you have to choose from in your home town, but this is definitely a solid and dependable selection. Savannah may be hundreds of miles away from the Caribbean island of Bermuda, but the latitude is very close to the same. Bermuda sod was so named because after thriving in variable conditions in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, the grass truly came into its own on the small island off our shores. It is no wonder that this grass has flourished so well throughout Georgia and beyond our state’s borders.

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    Rolls Of Sod Beneath Blue Sky MariettaA wonderful aspect in going with us for Lawrenceville GA Bermuda sod is that once we have given you our complimentary consultation, you need only to pick the right grass for your property. Although Bermuda sod has overall features that thrive in various conditions, we have specific varieties targeting features you may want emphasized. But that is just about it; all you have to do is make the decision to call our number for easy customer service and then pick the grass that works best for your property.

    Here are a few varieties of Lawrenceville GA Bermuda sod you may consider:

    • TifWay 419: Introducing one of our more popular selections, this blend is recognized for its fine texture and dark green hue. Like the common form of Bermuda grass, this kind is able to do well under extremely hot temperatures which may exceed 100-degrees Fahrenheit.
    • TifDwarf: Here is a hybrid grass featuring short and small stems and leaves, distinct from other blends of Bermuda sod. This may be a great choice for highly-active grounds.
    • TifEagle: This is an experimental hybrid coming out of our state’s labs and may be what you have in mind for Lawrenceville GA Bermuda sod. This grass is specifically designed to resist bluegrass growth.
    • TifGreen: Since this is a blend that is designed to grow at a more controlled pace, it is a popular choice for residential properties. The growth rate helps keep this Bermuda sod from being invasive. We are eager to further discuss sod possibilities for your property.

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