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    Kennesaw GA Fescue Sod

    Kennesaw GA Fescue sod is poised to make a new impression in your neighborhood featuring a subtle new color and advantages you simply will not find with other grasses suiting Georgia’s climate. First, let’s discuss color … It is commonly understood that green is a color that is naturally suited for our eyes; it is a color of the natural world and it makes sense that we respond well to it. Blue is also a natural default color suiting our eyes well since it is the color of the sky. Combine the two and what is yielded is a shade that is very easy to look at. Additionally, it is simply not found on many properties in the neighborhood.

    Kennesaw GA Fescue sod is easy on
    the eyes and resilient in under challenges.
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    Image Of Power Plant MariettaDespite the fact that Kennesaw GA Fescue sod may not be a suitable candidate for all of our state’s variable property conditions, there are several of which squarely peg the fescue mark. If you are considering the qualities of various grasses, we think you should at least consider a fescue blend when your property includes some of the following conditions, such as:

    • Abundant shade - There are varieties within this strain of sod that perfectly match the need for challenging shady conditions. Many properties feature continuously sunny conditions throughout the year, and others are always shady, even during the bright and warm summer. If this sounds like your land, Kennesaw GA Fescue sod may be worth a shot.
    • Clay soil - This is a unique trait of Georgia that we would not be without. However, it makes for a difficult task to grow grass on these portions. That is where certain varieties of fescue enter the picture, which can survive clay conditions very well.
    • Stay green - Here is the true hallmark attracting so many to Kennesaw GA Fescue sod; it has the remarkable ability to maintain a robust green even during the dead of our winter. Most of us come to expect our grass to lay dormant for at least a few months under a pale gray and brownish color. So long as you keep fescue regularly watered in the hot season, green is what you get on those cold winter days.

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    Kennesaw GA Fescue sod delights expectations.

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