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    Kennesaw GA Bermuda Sod

    Kennesaw GA Bermuda sod may just be the perfect new addition to your home that puts your curb appeal far beyond what you had once dared to hope. Perhaps you have been making steady improvements on your lawn over a period of months or even years, or perhaps you have been going about a lawn care makeover in very fast time. Regardless, we encourage you to not overlook the central component of what makes your lawn to in the first place – grass.

    Do not let Kennesaw GA Bermuda sod
    be the primary component you are missing!
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    Brick Home With Green Lawn MariettaWhen you own your own home, we understand there are many elements to look after in maintaining a beautiful property. In fact, to say there are many is an understatement; there are many within many. However, it is important to not get lost in minute details by overlooking the most important ones. If lawn care has been a top priority for you, then Kennesaw GA Bermuda sod may just be the key ingredient making your home complete.

    We feel that investing heavily in your curb appeal without considering new grass is similar to spending hundreds on a makeover without dealing with your hair. We do not want you to miss a most obvious feature to your property, and new Kennesaw GA Bermuda sod may be the lift your yard needs. This is the unofficial grass of the South because it thrives so well on our southern latitude, warm sun and summer rainstorms

    Not only does a new carpet of sod add unsuspected beauty to your property, Bermuda grass in particular will yield a ruggedness you may not have experienced before in a grass. It is dense and durable, and that density prevents invaders like bugs and weeds from gaining ground on your home.

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    Our Kennesaw GA Bermuda sod
    is chosen from the very best farms.

    Lawn aerating is often a very beneficial practice for several grass types, and especially due to the density of Kennesaw GA Bermuda sod, this may be something to consider during the life of your lawn. To use the hair analogy once again, if you are blessed with a thick mass, it is beneficial both aesthetically and for functional purposes to thin out dense material. Not to worry, this is a simple process and a sign that your grass is doing very well.

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