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    Jackson Sod

    Whether it’s desired for public, private, residential, or commercial use, a well-maintained landscape and freshly cut grass can be the hole-in-one to your golf course and the grand slam to your ballpark. It can not only lend to overall curb appeal and beauty but exhibit attentiveness and care in its details.

    Jackson Sod

    When looking to produce that vibrantly green grass, there are generally two options: grass seeding or sod. While seedling establishes grass from a much earlier stage, sod is simply mature grass with some soil and roots that are transplanted into the desired area to create full, green grass. Although both will get the job done, there are many advantages sod can offer that grass seedlings simply cannot.

    For example:

    • Inconsistencies are kept to a minimum:
      Grass seedlings can be more finicky and can cause the grass to grow denser or more sparse in areas, depending on how the seeds are laid. Since sod is already matured, it is more consistent.
    • Results are also quick and easy:
      Our sod gives you a quick finish to your lawn or yard. Grass seed takes time to grow, but sod has much quicker results. Although you will still spend some time and effort installing it, you will be able to reap the benefits of your lush lawn much sooner.
    • There are fewer time restraints:
      In order to flourish and properly establish themselves, grass seed needs to be planted at peak growth times. Improper timing can lead to failed seed or weak grass that is more susceptible to disease and insect infestations. Since sod has already begun growing, it can be laid during a much more flexible time frame.
    • It makes for easier maintenance:
      When grass grows, it is often hard to control the weeds that pop up with it. However, the dense network of roots underneath the sod makes it hard for weeds to get through and makes for easier maintenance.
    • Sod is more cost-efficient in the long run:
      While grass seeds may be cheaper upfront, many other factors make them inconsistent and more expensive later on. For example, there might be patches of grass missing due to animals eating the seedlings or the elements displacing them. If this occurs, you may need to spend more money replacing areas where the grass did not take.
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    • Sod can help combat erosion:
      Until roots establish, seed and soil can wash away or pool during heavy periods of rain and void your efforts. Sodded lawns, on the other hand, can actually help control soil erosion on hills and slopes while the grass is fully established.

    At A&N, we try our hardest to deliver all orders to our customers on time and accurately. Additionally, all of our offices are environmentally responsible, and our company is green conscious.

    We strive to deliver the best product and best customer service, all the while protecting the environment. If you are located in the Jackson, Mississippi area, give us a call today for a free quote and let us cover your sod needs!

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