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    Huntsville Sod

    If you live in the Huntsville area and are looking for a quick way to add value and make your property more aesthetically pleasing, consider our sod for your landscaping needs. While it might be tempting to just purchase grass seed and wait for nature to take its course, choosing to go with quality sod can offer numerous advantages. Whether you are a small homeowner who needs a lawn refresh or a business with a commercial property in need of landscaping, our sod can provide what you are seeking.

    Why choose sod?

    Huntsville Sod

    Sod has several advantages over grass seed. Whether you are covering a large area after new construction or simply patching bare spots or covering a small area of dirt caused by changes in your landscaping plan.

    Some of the advantages of sod are the following:

    • Immediate results- while grass seed might be cheaper, there are several reasons to prefer the immediate effect of laying quality sod. The area goes from an unsightly empty field to a lush green space in just an afternoon. Seed can take months to come in and must be sewn during particular times of the year. Sod can be laid at almost any time, provided there is proper irrigation, and change the aesthetic of the property right away.
    • Weed protection and permanence- as long as your sod is cared for, the thick mat of soil, roots, and grass acts as a barrier to weed growth. Seeds, on the other hand, offer no such protection, and invariably you get weeds growing right next to the grass as it comes in. Seeds can be carried away by strong winds, but sod, once laid, becomes a part of your landscaping immediately.

    Advantages of using experts

    With many years’ experience in the business of sod, our team can help guide you to the product that best suits your needs.

    Sod Suppliers Huntsville

    Each property is different, with variations in terrain, soil composition, shade, and natural irrigation. Selecting the right grass for the needs of your particular project is essential to a successful installation. Whether you are a homeowner patching a brown area or a private or commercial customer with an entire lawn needing installed, we can deliver a product that exceeds expectations.

    We work closely with local sources to get you fresh, healthy sod that can immediately take root on your property. Providing the soil has been properly tilled, cleared of weeds, and aerated. Regardless of whether you are seeking acres of coverage or a small plot, soil preparation is key to the sod taking root and flourishing.

    All that really needs to happen once the sod is installed is that it be watered and not walked on for a few weeks. This allows the root systems to penetrate the soil and take hold so it can withstand foot traffic. Watering the sod every day can help this process and prevent yellowing of the grass. In just a few weeks, you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, lush lawn or landscape for entertaining, playing, or just relaxing outdoors in your own green space.

    Our company is committed to securing and delivering the highest quality products in the
    Huntsville area. We make sure that the vision you have for your landscaping or yard is
    brought to light.

    To learn more about sod delivery in your area, contact us today.

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