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    How to Maintain a Pallet of Sod

    Springtime is gardening time for many American homeowners with a green thumb. You can’t have a successful garden without thriving dirt or sod to plant your seeds in. According to Statista, the American garden and lawn industries have a $133 billion revenue as of 2024. Here are ways to maintain a pallet of sod.


    Your sod will be thirsty and needs proper watering, especially in a warmer climate. A warmer climate like Atlanta or Arizona means your dirt needs additional watering, but be careful not to overdo it to avoid fungal growth. It’s always best to do your sod watering in the morning, particularly before the sun is too intense. Daytime watering gives the sod the ability to soak up water, whereas at nighttime, it’ll most likely stay damp, which creates an environment for fungus to grow. A professionally installed sprinkler system may be the perfect solution to ensure your sod gets the extra water it needs at the right time. After all, you may forget to water it. The sprinklers are usually set out with an automatic timer and can give the appropriate amount of water.


    Your sod grass should be cut at a certain length. The sod can die when your grass is too short. Signs of grass death include a yellowing color. The grass needs to reach five inches before the first cut, in our professional opinion. Just don’t wait too long for the first cut, as you may end up replacing sections if you don’t mow it in time.

    Avoid Foot Traffic

    You need to give your sod the space for roots to grow. Too much foot traffic can mix things up. The first two weeks should have the least amount of traffic possible in that area after laying the pallet of sod down, in our professional opinion. Otherwise, you may end up having to start the whole process over again.

    Maintaining your pallet of sod is essential to seeing your grass and other plants grow. The guidelines we’ve shared here can ensure your lawn or garden has the healthy vegetation you desire. When you’re ready to get started on your garden, contact A & N Sod Supply Inc for all of your sod needs. We look forward to working with you.

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