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    Green Companies

    Green companies like ours adopt and live by environmentally sound commitments. We convert our operations away from oil dependency to the use of clean, bio-degradable alternatives. We work to save our forests by reducing paper dependency. We take steps to reduce chemicals which can contaminate soil and groundwater. We impact the thinking in our company and in our world, proving that being earth friendly is not only possible, but profitable.

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    Our commitment is to grow greener every day. Here is what we have accomplished so far:

    • Replaced a plastic sod netting with a bio-degradable alternative
    • Converted 70% of our fleet to biodiesel
    • Accomplished a 98% paper-free business environment
    • Ended all print
    • Generate electronic faxes and communications whenever possible
    • Use email to issue invoices
    • Converted most of our farms to bio-degradable fertilizers

    Green companies move away from oil products

    1. We got rid of plastic: We adopted a bio-degradable product to replace a plastic material we used every day. The sod industry uses something called plastic “netting”, which keeps the root system and the top turf stable during the transport and the laying of the sod. There is no way to remove the plastic from beneath the re-planted sod.

    • Plastic never deteriorates. This was not acceptable, and so we replaced plastic netting with a version that deteriorates over time.
    • As so many green companies discover, this resulted in savings we could pass on to our customers. It also eliminated a hazard from plastic sticking up through the turf.

    2. Three out of four of our vehicles now burn biodiesel: Biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75%. This is far better than gasoline, ethanol, or conventional diesel, and it is a renewable energy source. We did it to reduce our carbon footprint, not to save money. Yet it is another example of how these initiatives will be financially sound for green companies.

    • Biodiesel is better for engines, cheaper than fossil-fuel diesel, and gets better gas mileage (20 to 30% higher, according to the Environmental Protection Agency – EPA).
    • It is a cleaner-burning fuel, which means it leaves behind fewer deposits that can gum up the works. So it is better for a vehicle engine, reducing the need for replacement parts and extending the life of vehicles.

    Green companies move away from forest products

    We eliminated 98% of the paper we were using to run our business. The technology is on any desktop.

    • We send electronic faxes online, cutting out cover pages, the actual text of the faxes, and re-sending.
    • Our invoices are sent by email. So there are no paper versions, no copies in file cabinets, and no paper envelopes to mail them. This also means there is no gasoline burned by the Postal Service to deliver them.
    • Our company did away with print advertising completely. Green companies are not the only ones to discover that print is passé. The effective alternative is online marketing. If you found us via a web search, you understand immediately. No paper phone book. No newspaper ads or flyers.

    Green companies switch from chemicals to organic fertilizer

    Talk about a renewable resource! Animal dung, fallen leaves and dead plants make a supremely effective natural fertilizer, doing away with chemicals that pollute the soil and run off into drinking water sources. We believe organic is better for our sod, because the slow release of the nutrients avoids “burning” from too much chemical at once. Our sod farmers demonstrate biodegradable fertilizers are inexpensive, safe, and have long-term benefits.

    We are proud to be a leader among green companies. We intend to get greener every day!

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