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    End of Season Sale on Emerald Zoysia Sod

    It’s not too late to get your hands on a palette of Emerald Zoysia sod! There’s still about 45 days left of this year’s crop, and we are selling it at a steep discount right now.

    It appears the growing conditions for Emerald Zoysia were absolutely perfect this year, and we grew the biggest, most beautiful crop we have ever had. Because we have so much available, we were able to lower the prices on it significantly.

    This year’s crop of Emerald Zoysia is the thickest, densest and most lush crop our owner has ever seen in his more than 17 years of growing sod. In fact, he said it’s so wonderful this year that he’s going to put some in his own personal backyard so he can enjoy it for years to come!

    If you’ve wanted to install Emerald Zoysia in your home’s lawn before, but thought it might be too expensive, now is definitely the time to check again. We have perhaps the lowest prices on this grass that we have ever had, and they’re certainly much lower than any of our competitors’ prices that we’ve seen. In fact, these might just be the lowest prices of the year.

    End of Season Sale on Emerald Zoysia Sod

    Why Choose Emerald Zoysia?

    If you’ve been planning to lay sod in your yard, but haven’t decided which type of grass you’d like, here are a few things you should know about Emerald Zoysia:

    Shade vs. Sun
    Ideal for both shade and mixed lawns, Emerald Zoysia is one of the most shade-tolerant plants out there. It can take anything from full sun to part shade.

    Low Maintenance
    It is very slow-growing, and most people will only cut Emerald Zoysia 4 times a year.

    It also requires very little water.

    It’s extremely durable, due to being so dense and thick. It actually chokes out most weeds, so it requires very little treatment.

    You will still want to treat it for weeds, as there are a few weeds that can still get in there (certain grasses like nutsedge, for instance), but you’ll never see anything like clover or dandelion in your Emerald Zoysia. They don’t even stand a chance!

    Currently, there’s a nasty armyworm infestation going on here in Georgia.

    These armyworms are DEVOURING Bermuda lawns like crazy.

    But Emerald Zoysia is immune to it! The armyworms don’t eat Emerald Zoysia because it’s too thick and too dense for them. It’s immune to them.

    Emerald Zoysia

    Other Benefits of Emerald Zoysia

    Plus, Emerald Zoysia is softer, it feels nicer, and it looks nicer than any other type of grass out there. All around, it’s just the nicest type of sod you’ll find.

    It will never have a competitor among other types of sod, and especially not when it’s so incredibly well grown, like our crop is this year.

    Truth be told, there’s nothing else that’s even going to come close to the quality, looks and performance of our Emerald Zoysia.

    If you want the best for your money, this is the sod for you!

    You’re only buying it once, so you might as well get a darn good one, right?

    Call us today to get your estimate, as this crop needs to be installed by the end of October!

    We’re proud to offer our end of the season sale on Emerald Zoysia to residents of Atlanta and the nearby areas.

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