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    Dunwoody GA Zoysia Sod

    Dunwoody GA Zoysia sod is a wonderfully multitasking turf matching several conditions that you are likely concerned about for your yard. You may not be surprised that this popular selection for residents of Georgia is well-suited for warm sunshine, but zoysia is also a great selection for those with partially or extensively shaded land. Of course, this sod will respond well to high quality soil that is rich in nutrients. But it also flourishes in sandy conditions, when a soil may also have plenty of salt content. It is hard to go wrong when you go with zoysia.

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    Dunwoody GA Zoysia sod is going to do well
    under just about all of Georgia’s conditions.

    Putting Green With White Flag MariettaOn top of its ability to thrive under many conditions, such as sandy, salty, sunny and shady, Dunwoody GA Zoysia sod also maintains structural integrity under the duress of heavy foot traffic. Although many folks tend toward a turf such as Bermuda grass for its durability and good response to warm, sunny conditions, more and more are considering zoysia for better salt, sandy and shade tolerance. This grass has a spongier texture.

    • Emerald Zoysia - True to its name, this blend features a beautiful, dark green hue that does extremely well under shady conditions. It is slow to grow, so mowing your lawn will decrease. A problem with the emerald form is that it is less resistant to cold weather.
    • Meyer Zoysia - This turf is in some ways the inverse of the emerald kind. It is less tolerant of the shade but more resilient against cooler temperatures. Additionally, this grass has a wider blade.

    Dunwoody GA Zoysia sod is a reliable choice.
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    Although some forms of this turf are more tolerant of colder temperatures, it generally does not do as well as a fescue blend. Like other warm weather grasses, Dunwoody GA Zoysia sod will generally remain dormant when temperatures dip below 70-degrees Fahrenheit. This grass does not need to be fertilized very much, and if it is over-fertilized then a layer of thatch could be the result. Some ways to prevent thatch from occurring are to aerate and winterize this grass.

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