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    Dunwoody GA Fescue Sod

    Dunwoody GA Fescue sod is the leading sod about town when home and business owners, as well as owners of other properties, want reliably green and organic grass (not of the artificial variety) to maintain their beautiful green color throughout the year.

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    Image Of Tree In Backyard MariettaIndeed, there are other cool season grasses found throughout the world. However, Dunwoody GA Fescue sod is that one special blend which can survive all the way into to Canada, yet still do well here in our warm and sunny state. When you think of the range in temperature involved in this longitude, you start to get an idea of the impressive traits making up this fescue grass.

    There are two general varieties of Dunwoody GA Fescue sod, which also features their own subcategories, and they include:

    • Tall Fescue – This is a more rugged blend of grass, which originates in Europe and came to this country in the 1800s. This is a very good fescue for lawn maintenance as it is resistant to many diseases. This grass naturally grows tall, so do not cut it too short! One blend of tall fescue was used to help fight soil erosion during the Dust Bowl period in the early 1930s.
    • Fine Fescue – Here is our more popular selection for Dunwoody GA Fescue sod, as this variety is more tolerant to cold and shady conditions. With these kind, you will find three distinct blends, including:
      • Hard Fescue – As far as grasses go, this one is very tolerant to droughts, and it is also the most resistant to disease. Unfortunately, it does not do so well in heat or high trafficked areas, but it is more tolerant to salt water conditions than other fescues.
      • Creeping Red – Here is a fescue that is found primarily in the Northern region of the United States, and it is a grass that is perfect to help stave off soil erosion.
      • Chewing Fescue – This sort is also found typically in the North. What many folks appreciate the most about chewing fescue, however, is that it is exceeding tolerant to shady conditions. For more information on this grass, contact us at your convenience.

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