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    Dunwoody GA Bermuda Sod

    Dunwoody GA Bermuda sod will give you the lawn that is so desired by property owners everywhere. That is assuming you prefer a green lawn throughout most of the year that is low maintenance, resilient against weeds, bugs and heavy foot traffic. This strain of equatorial sod, which gained a decisive foothold in the new world on the Caribbean nation for which it is named, is perfectly suited for just about any Georgia property.

    Dunwoody GA Bermuda sod will
    revitalize your entire property.
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    Pathway In Back Yard MariettaThere are simply too much supporting factors leading to the popularity of Dunwoody GA Bermuda sod …

    • An established record … Bermuda grass is already the sod of the south because when it landed here from older continents it was perfectly tuned for our conditions. You may or may not already know that much of the grass you see about town is of the Bermuda variety.
    • It’s so easy … Once Dunwoody GA Bermuda sod is laid upon your residential, business, industrial or public property there is very little needed to maintain this grass. Sunlight; check. Rain; check. A grass-cutting schedule during summer; check. Of course, fertilizing and other efforts may be recommended during certain phases of your lawn’s life for optimal quality, but the basics cover what you need.
    • Keeping out unwanted pests … The density of this sod makes it exceedingly difficult for pesky bugs or rampant weeds to gain a purchase in your yard. Bermuda grass, by its nature, prevents annoyances from gaining an inch.
    • A long season … In general, this grass comes out of its winter dormancy in April, or whenever the air starts to warm up in Georgia.

    Here is our number for a free estimate: 404-333-8172.
    Dunwoody GA Bermuda sod is among the
    most reliable for all kinds of properties.

    Keeping it simple is one of the benefits of this sod, but before we carpet your property with beautiful new greenery there are measures you may take. Making sure your soil is free of any debris will help your new Dunwoody GA Bermuda sod root in any dirt. Tilling your soil before sod is laid helps to make nutrients more immediately available, and makes it even easier for binding to your property. Periodically aerating your soil is also a good measure, especially for very dense grass such as Bermuda. We are happy to further discuss these details with you.

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