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    Conyers GA Zoysia Sod

    Conyers GA Zoysia sod has not been on this continent for very long, however, more and more folks are beginning to appreciate the full value of this turf. It was finally introduced to our shores a century ago in 1911 by Austrian botanist Karl von Zois, who spent much of his career traveling the world to study various beneficial properties of different grasses. What the result has been in the United States is a resilient, noninvasive grass suiting the conditions very well of many properties.

    Conyers GA Zoysia sod continues
    to gain in popularity for good reason.
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    There are two major forms of Conyers GA Zoysia sod, and these two popular selections feature different strengths. Those forms are:

    • Emerald Zoysia - Not all blends of zoysia are shade tolerant. However, this form is the most tolerant and is a major reason why so many choose it. True to its name, this is a lovely deep green grass that does not resist colder temperatures as well as other zoysia grass.
    • Meyer Zoysia - This grass features a wider blade than its emerald cousin. The nice feature to this form of zoysia is that it handles the cold better than other strains, but it is less tolerant of the shade. Both of these types are a solid choice as your Conyers GA Zoysia sod.
    • This grass features characteristics that you will not find in other varieties. Additionally, you are receiving it from a well-established and reputable company that has drastically improved turf and customer service standards in our area for the sod supplier industry.

    404-333-8172 is our number for a free estimate.
    Conyers GA Zoysia sod has become
    a popular choice in the U.S. in a short time span.

    There are several aspects your neighbors have appreciated in our service throughout the past dozen years. We offer free delivery of up to 16 pallets or more, and we deliver to your location at the precise time we agree upon. Handling your Conyers GA Zoysia sod has never been easier. You may also appreciate knowing that this grass has not been stored or held in any way; it comes straight from the farm to your property. This allows for maximum freshness and health. This allows for a quick bonding to your property, and right away your lawn will be green upon delivery.

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