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    Conyers GA Bermuda Sod

    Conyers GA Bermuda sod is often seen as the standard by which other grass is measured in the Southeastern portion of the United States. To put it simply, this kind of grass may seem tailor made to thrive on Georgian properties. It unequivocally responds well to our summertime conditions, with protracted periods of sunshine and heat and the frequent thunderstorm, this grass takes it all and asks for more. This is the same reason why the grass, which traveled from older continents, established itself so firmly in the Caribbean that it was named for the island. We are not very far from Bermuda, and we are the company featuring the very best in this form of sod.

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    Beautiful Luxury Home With Yard MariettaOften times, if you hear or read lawn experts discussing grass on properties throughout Georgia, they will describe the characteristics of Conyers GA Bermuda sod. And, if they are describing the features of another form of sod, it is often in relation to that of Bermuda. It is because this strain of grass is so well-suited to our climate, but it has not been here for long. Some believe it was brought to North America in the 1500s, and others in the 1700s. Whenever it landed on these shores, it quickly started a relationship with the rest of the land that succeeds until this day.

    Some folks opt for other forms of sod because of a key feature they cannot live without at their home, business or other property. Fescue grass, for example, can remain green all winter long as it is a naturally cold weather plant, but they also need special treatment during our protracted summer season. Conyers GA Bermuda sod, however, needs no such special attention.

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    In addition to doing so well throughout the year (it goes dormant for a few months in winter) Conyers GA Bermuda sod also carries its own special features. Density and durability is what you get along with beauty in this grass. We have several lawn care affiliates who work with us requesting Bermuda sod because its density yields a strong yard that is resilient against creepy bugs and invasive weeds. It is no wonder why this is the preference of so many.

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