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    Canton GA Fescue Sod

    Canton GA Fescue sod typically features a wonderfully attractive blue hue that is both distinctive and practical if you demand green from your grass throughout the year. With a variety of blends, not all of the fescues works on all Georgian lands, and with this variety there are differences in appearance. It is true that the fescues are not your typical Georgian sod, and that is precisely why so many of your neighbors are investigating its different advantages.

    Canton GA Fescue sod adds color
    and practicality to your property’s lawn.
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    Close Up Of Green Grass MariettaThere are two glaring characteristics to Canton GA Fescue sod property owners first have brought to their attention. A bluish-green tint is a new direction in color palate that a significant percentage of property owners find exciting, and the ability to maintain this color throughout the year is a major selling point. However, what is so often lost in the discussion for fescue grass on properties where conditions suit this grass is its remarkable ability to do so well on top of our state’s renowned clay – a fantastic distinctive feature setting Georgia apart from other states, but clay makes it hard for grass to grow. That is not a problem with some of our grass.

    We are proud to be the leading suppliers for Canton GA Fescue sod as well as in so many other surrounding communities. For about 12 years now we have delivered top blends of sod to Central Georgia and beyond. When we came into business there were suppliers of grass; it is not hard to find businesses offering all kinds of services. The challenge, however, is finding that one who takes quality material and customer service to the next level, which is what we have been doing.

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    We not only advise all types of property owners on what sort of grass will function its best on various properties, but we also work with and make important recommendations for lawn care specialists who also work on homes, businesses and other lawns. Canton GA Fescue sod features varieties that are exceedingly tolerant to conditions that other grasses just are not suited for, including tolerance of shade, cold weather, drought, disease and difficult soil conditions. Let’s talk about which fescue works for you.

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