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    Canton GA Bermuda Sod

    In Canton GA, Bermuda sod fits a wide variety of properties throughout town. You name it and this particular grass may just be perfect for you, including residential properties, commercial ways, golf courses, parks or recreational areas, corporate complexes and areas that are experiencing erosion. Bermuda grass is very rugged, dense and durable, especially during the warmer months of the year when foot traffic may be the most active.

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    Lush Green Park During Day MariettaYou may be somewhat familiar with why so many of your friends, family and neighbors have made Canton GA Bermuda sod so popular. Characteristics such as sun-loving, rain-absorbing durability and a density to resist bugs and weeds go quite far. In addition to these general qualities, there are different varieties of Bermuda grass that you may prefer, including:

    • TifGreen … This blend features a very dark green color that can stand very intense heat. Unlike other hybrids, it is very slow in growth, making it great for residential properties as it is not invasive.
    • TifDwarf … This kind has shorter and smaller stems than other strains, which may be just right if your new Canton GA Bermuda sod experiences plenty of activity.
    • TifEagle … This variety was created in an experimental lab hailing from Georgia. It was created to resist the growth of bluegrass.
    • TifWay 419 … A popular hybrid, TifWay 419 carries with it an emerald green color with one of the more refined textures in grass. Like other natural Bermuda sod, this hybrid does well during temperatures in excess of 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Indeed, what so many folks love above and beyond other forms is that Bermuda grass is extremely dense and durable. Not only do these traits work well together to form a rugged resilience to foot traffic, it is also very good for keeping out invasive weeds and bugs. Both of these invaders on your property needs space to either grow within or crawl about, but Canton GA Bermuda sod just does not allow for this. This durability, however, may be somewhat compromised during winter, when most sun-loving plants and grasses are at their weakest. However, as the sod rests dormant until next spring it requires little to no maintenance.

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