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    Birmingham Sod

    If you are in the Birmingham area and are looking to refresh your yard or completely rework your landscaping, our locally sourced sod can help you achieve the image and function you want for the property. Instead of looking at dry or dirt patches, or a vast wasted space, you can have the lush green grass that can bring about a real transformation for your space.

    Sod vs. Seed

    Once you have decided to landscape with grass, there are choices to be made.

    Birmingham Sod

    While grass seed might be tempting because of the price, it has many drawbacks compared to sod. The sod we deliver comes from local farmers who harvest the highest quality sod, creating sheets of grass and roots mixed with a layer of soil.

    As a result, what we deliver to you has benefits such as the following:

    Quick, lasting transformation - once the decision has been made to create a lawn or landscape of grass, you can have results that are immediate or that you have to wait and hope for. Seed takes months to grow and is dependent on the weather. It must be planted in season. The aesthetic effect is immediate - your space goes from brown to green as soon as the sod is laid. It cannot be carried off by breezes and is able to be walked on in a matter of weeks.

    Ease of growth and maintenance - Seed is problematic as it grows because weeds grow right next to the healthy grass. Sod provides a thick layer of protection for the soil so that weeks cannot penetrate to the surface. Additionally, seed can be blown away by the wind. This creates uneven patches once it comes in. Sod, on the other hand, is rolled out in a brick pattern. Completely covering the area or patching the spots of dirt in an existing lawn.

    Preparing the soil and maintenance

    A key to a solid foundation for your sod’s success is preparing the soil.

    Sod Suppliers Birmingham

    Examining the property for light conditions, soil composition, and landscaping issues that might complicate irrigation is key. Then you must till the soil, remove any remaining plant life, especially weeds, and aerate the soil. This will assure the roots can properly take hold and the water can penetrate the area rather than running off.

    Once the ground is ready for the sod, it is simply a matter of arranging it in a tight, brick-like pattern. After arranging watering it to promote growth. While the root systems are being established, it is important to stay off the grass. Watering daily can ensure that the grass is getting enough moisture. If the grass doesn’t spring back when lightly stepped on, increase the amount of water. In just a few weeks, you can be in your yard or green space entertaining and playing and enjoying your new outdoor space.

    Wherever you are in the Birmingham area, if you have landscaping needs or a lawn in need of help, laying our fresh local sod can be your answer. We are committed to delivering only the best products to our customers to ensure that they have lawns and greenspaces that grow and last for years.

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