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    Beautification of Atlanta

    Beautification of AtlantaOne of our favorite parts about being a sod supplier is the beauty we’re able to bring to our hometown through our work.

    While some might consider cultivating and delivering sod a job, we consider it an ongoing duty to beautify our beloved city of Atlanta, and one that we are proud to uphold.

    Greenery in Daily Life

    Through our daily efforts, our great city is made more and more beautiful for every family in the area to appreciate and enjoy throughout their daily lives.

    Whether that means providing a lush soccer field for kids to stay active on (like the Woodstock Soccer Complex off of Woodstock Street), a full lawn for your pets to run through to express their joy when you get home from work, or a gorgeous park setting where couples can continue to get engaged or married and embark on the next chapter of their lives together (like Rock Springs Park at the corner of Rock Springs Road and Old Peachtree Road NE), year after year, grass is the setting where the joys of life unfold.

    We take great joy knowing that every day, lives are enriched because of the beauty we’ve brought to our state.

    I mean, think about it. What makes a city beautiful?

    More than likely, you’ll agree with me when I say that it’s the green space, which is mostly grass. There are also trees and shrubs, of course, but the canvas on which that beauty sits is the grass... The gorgeous backdrop, the canvas, the paper that all these different types of plants and trees sit on, that’s what makes it so beautiful.

    Sod Company AtlantaWho ever said, “let’s go tour the beautiful scenery of Newark, NJ?” - it’s nothing but industrial parks and concrete. Who wants to see that?

    But, “let’s go see the Botanical Gardens at Piedmont Park,” now that’s not a bad idea.

    When someone says, “let’s go play soccer,” they want to go to the park to do it. No one wants to play soccer on concrete. But we recently upgraded the fields at Big Shanty Park off of Old Highway 41, by Kennesaw Mountain High School, and there’s plenty of grass there for all sorts of activities now.

    What the city needs is grass, and we’re proud to provide it day in and day out, for more than 17 years.

    Escape the Concrete Jungle

    The greatest moments in life happen not when you’re behind a desk, but when you’re out in the city, in the parks, on - you guessed it - grass. The playgrounds where the children play, the parks where people of all ages can ride their bikes and drink in their surroundings... all of this is made enjoyable thanks to the greenery of the scenery.

    Our work brings humanity to one of the largest, busiest and most productive cities in our wonderful country. After a jam-packed day of work, school, or life, who wants to go sit behind a desk and stare at a computer screen to unwind or feel better?

    Sod In Atlanta ParkNo, you want to go sit in the shade and have a cold beer, maybe roll around in the grass, lay down and look at the stars, or walk barefoot through the dewy morning grass. It is the pure definition of beauty, it’s what life is all about!

    It might sound funny when you start to think about it, I mean, grass probably isn’t something you think about a whole lot throughout the day, right?

    But can you imagine life without it? How bleak, and boring!

    No, thank you.

    Not for me, and not for my city.

    That’s why what we do is so important to us, and why we take such pride in the beautification of the entire Atlanta area through our work.

    The Grass is Greener in Atlanta’s Parks

    In fact, next time you’re at your local park, take a look around! You’re probably looking at our sod.

    In the last few months alone, we have provided literally dozens of parks and fields in the area with the sod necessary to turn it into a haven for families, residents and tourists alike.

    From Kennesaw to Lawrenceville, to Peachtree City and back to Gainesville, our sod can be seen at parks and landmarks throughout the Atlanta area.

    As always, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about selecting the right sod for your home, business, or land, just give us a call!

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