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    Atlanta GA Fescue Sod

    Atlanta GA Fescue sod may not be the common choice for a state with a typically warm climate, but it may just be the right selection for your urban or suburban property. Let’s face it, Atlanta is a metropolitan area that is quite distinct from the Georgian landscape, so what often applies to other regions of the state demands special consideration for this cityscape. For a property in a city that merits special consideration, a fescue sod may be your perfect fit!

    Atlanta GA Fescue sod thrives under
    conditions other grasses cannot handle.
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    Image Of Downtown City MariettaPerhaps it is a priority for the grass on your property to remain green throughout the entire year … Sound far-fetched? It’s not, because that is what you get with our Atlanta GA Fescue sod. This is a cool weather grass that is able to withstand the polar winds north of the United States border. Despite this amazing capacity for the cold, fescue grass survives in our fair weather state as well. However, there are some important considerations you should remember, including:

    • Atlanta GA Fescue sod is not like other grasses - Most other varieties you will see about town and throughout the state flourish in warm sunshine, which is most of our year. However, folks with properties that feature plenty of shade throughout the day (perhaps due to thick tree canopy or because it is sandwiched between buildings) or incur very cool winters make the fescue choice.
    • How to take care fescue in a hot climate - Fescue sod should be watered on a consistent basis in order to maintain its green throughout the vast summer season.
    • Tolerant of the clay and the shade! - Atlanta GA Fescue sod not only provides you with a year-round green lawn, it can also do so under shady conditions with clay underneath it. In addition to those extraordinarily difficult conditions, there are certain blends of fescues that are extremely resilient to a heavy volume of foot traffic.

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    Atlanta GA Fescue sod is right for your property.
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    Fescue grass is a testament to the variety of quality grass we have available for your selection. While it does not naturally do very well under direct, warm sunlight, there are many properties that feature different demands. We are happy to discuss your best options.

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