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    Alabama Sod

    Our Alabama sod is sold in sheets composed of soil, roots, and grass, ready to be laid out in a brick pattern for your particular project. We sell sod, or turf, to a variety of consumers for many different purposes. Whether you are a homeowner, golf course, or other business, our products can offer the aesthetic, durability, and function that you need for your current project.

    Benefits to using sod over seed:

    Alabama Sod

    • More attractive lawn and landscaping- Because the sod is laid down with mature grass, you get instant, consistent coverage for your lawn or landscaping. Seed takes time to grow and can result in uneven patterns once it comes in. Still, sod installations look great immediately upon installation, giving you the green space you desire right
    • More flexible and hardy- Sod cannot be blown away like grass seed and can be installed in a wider variety of climates and seasons. Because you are not waiting for the grass to grow, you don’t have to wait for temperatures to signal the growth. Additionally, the thick blanket of roots and soil of the sod prevent weeds from sprouting through it, while weeds grow much more naturally and easily next to the seed.
    • Less wait time- while there does need to be some waiting time with sod before you allow people to walk on it, it can take months with grass seed as compared to a matter of a few weeks with sod. You can therefore get the most out of your purchase quicker with sod.

    While seed might be less expensive initially, the constant replanting and patching necessary, as well as the long wait for the grass to grow, make it a less attractive choice.

    Purposes for laying sod

    • Landscaping new property- if you have just built a home or commercial building, you want the landscaping of the property to look as fresh and clean as the new construction. Instead of walking out the front door to dirt and soil, you can immediately look out onto a green space created immediately by new sod.
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    • Repairing damage or covering exposed areas- If you already have a lawn, there may be spots where fungus or pests or changes in water and sun have created barren patches. Similarly, if you have moved a patio or removed an outbuilding, you might now have a bare patch of dirt on an otherwise healthy lawn. Laying sod can cover the areas quickly without the wait time for grass seed.

    Sod maintenance

    All your sod really needs once it is laid in water. Depending on the amount of precipitation the area is getting when the sod is laid, you will definitely have to augment the watering with your own irrigation system.

    A good rule of thumb to tell if your sod is receiving enough water is to step lightly on it. If the grass bounces back immediately, it is getting enough water.

    Our company is committed to using quality sod from local sources, and we work hard to ensure the highest quality product is delivered. Whether you are installing yourself or using our services, you can be assured that you will soon be walking on some of the best grass in the state.

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