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    About Us

    A & N Sod Supply Inc has been delivering world-class sod to North Georgia residents since 1999. We first broke into the industry to raise standards both in sod quality and customer service. To that end, we have already accomplished what we had originally set out to do. However, our many years of experience have served to whet our appetite as we have the momentum of success at our backs.

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    One of the dynamics that we enjoy about work each and every day is simplicity. Though we go the extra mile to be the very best sod supply company by focusing completely on all details, there are two overall factors that absolutely matter at the end of the day. They are quality turf and customer service. Despite the potential complications of everyday life, these are the two overall things that matter to us when we work.

    • The Grass - We have secured some of the best grass you can get anywhere by partnering with farmers who have anywhere from 12 to 25 years of experience or more. TLC is a major ingredient along with the invaluable factor of experience. We stick with proven, established blends of turf so you can know exactly what to expect from the type of grass we install on your property. We feature a wide variety of sods from which to choose, suiting your property’s conditions, including:
      • Bermuda: Here is one of the most prominent grasses in our state and throughout the world in locations featuring temperatures between 75 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. This equatorial grass handles rain well, yet it is also very tolerant of drought conditions.
      • Fescue: Unlike many prominent sods throughout our state, fescue grass has a much greater temperature range, extending north of our country’s borders. Despite its ability to thrive in very cold temperatures, the grass survives our southern heat provided it is watered regularly. In addition to its toughness against the cold, it is also tolerant of shady and drought conditions.
      • Zoysia: The first characteristic you’ll notice with this grass is its rich, deep green color. This is a grass that excels during our warm months – a majority of the year – with thick, dense sod that repels insects and weeds. Different varieties of zoysia have greater tolerance of cooler or shady conditions.
        Centipede: The most appreciated aspect to this grass is its ability to survive in poor soil conditions – those that may be acidic, sandy, and salty as well as our state’s orange clay.
    • Customer Service - Getting the very best grass you can possibly find is the very important first step in having the area’s premier sod supply service, but that is only half of the battle. The rest lays with us in our customer service. We get your new sod to you in the quickest possible time, straight from the farm to your doorstep. We get there exactly on the agreed upon time, and none is wasted on a middle entity such as a lawn care service. Freshness is key dimension in a new sod becoming established on your property. In addition to courteous delivery and implementation, we happily provide free tips and advice, including which sod will perform the best for the goals you are trying to accomplish.

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